• What is the average age of people that attend the activities?

    We get a broad range of ages at all activities. But in general participants are between 25 yrs - 49yrs.

  • How fit do I need to be to attend?

    Our activities are both social and fitness related. Our kayaking, social golf and social tennis activities cater for all levels of fitness and abilities with beginners to advanced welcome. 

    A range of different levels and grades are offered for our bushwalks and Mountain Biking actvities - and we give detailed information experience required for each individual event.

  • Why should I join one of your bushwalks when I can do it on my own?

    There are many reasons our participants keep coming back.

    1. The Australian Bush can be a tricky place, it's easy to wander off the track and end up lost. At Life's An Adventure your safety is paramount to us. Our staff are fully equipped with the latest safety equipment, walkie talkies and GPS tracking gear. Our staff are fully trained in remote first aid in case of emergencies and we have a $10 million public liability insurance.

    2. It's inevitable friends you have lined up or a free event via an internet group, you have teed up to meet ,will do a no show and let you down - whether that be because of a late night on Saturday or iffy weather. Worse still you could end up walking with just one or two strangers into a remote area. Because you pay a fee to attend our activities you are guaranteed other participants will definately show up on the day and our professional staff will be there to ensure you always feel comfortable and safe.

    3. There's no need to carry your lunch, at Life's An Adventure we pride ourselves on providing you great food. No soggy bread rolls on offer here, you'll be served a lunch extravaganza with smoked salmon, fresh produce, as well as fresh fruit and snacks to enjoy a long the way.

    4. You'll meet a great bunch of like-minded people and our guides are there to ensure everyone mixes well.

    5. Our guide and photographer Dean Woodfield will be on hand to capture the day's adventure which are displayed in the photo gallery.

    6. Because this is our business, we are fully focused on ensuring you have a wonderful and enjoyable day out that runs smoothly.

  • Are your events just for singles?

    No our events are open to all, whether you are a single, couple or group of friends. While many singles do attend, our activities are focused on social interaction and enjoying the great outdoors.